Junior Program

Core Littles
Ages 0-4

A safe environment for the littlest ones to play, learn, and be nurtured.  The curriculum in this class is play!  Inspiring and fun activities open the hearts and minds of the children to the wonder of learning. Mentors in this class make a year long commitment to ensure a feeling of security and belonging in our littles.  (Moms are always welcome to take their babies with them wherever they are mentoring.) 

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Love of Play
ages 5-7

Science and reading and math, oh my!  Through a variety of lessons and activities, a broad base of exposure to the wonders of the world enliven and excite the young mind.   This class is focused on the joy of learning through lots of hands-on experiments, experiences and projects.  Children get to sample many areas of learning and inspiration as they are introduced to new people, new ideas and new subjects. 

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Love of Learning
ages 9-11

Our Love of Learning (LOL) classes are integrated with projects, opportunity for service and play. We provide an inspiring environment that fosters a love for learning. Students build confidence as they are introduced to strategies for learning and begin to prepare to move into the scholar program.  LOL courses are led by parent mentors on topics of interest to the kids and mentors.  Such topics may include photography, art, history, science, entrepreneurship, writing, and so much more!

For the 2021-2022 year, the eleven-year-olds will be exploring skills they will need to know as they enter scholar projects as well as a Surviving LIFE class that will be like an outdoor forest school with survival skills in the mix.