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Leadership Infused Family Education

About LIFE Academy:

LIFE Academy was formed to provide a community for homeschooling families striving to provide a Leadership Education for themselves and their children.  We unite with the intent and purpose of helping our children become future leaders who will recognize and defend liberty.  We follow the New Commonwealth School model, which means as a school we govern ourselves and intend for our community to exist even after its creators have moved on.  

Our Mission:

LIFE Academy is an educational community of families who support Leadership Education. We are dedicated to seeking truth, perpetuating freedom, strengthening families, and pursuing personal mission. LIFE Academy recognizes traditional family values in creating a strong moral society, honors each individual as the steward of his/her own education, and seeks to support, not replace, the family as the center of learning.

Our Vision:

The foundational practices of LIFE Academy are built upon the principles taught in the Thomas Jefferson Education (TJEd) philosophy. Each phase of learning will be honored by trained mentors who inspire students to have passion for discovering, sharing, and progressing in life-long learning. We recognize that each child grows in these phases in their own time and way. We honor and foster that growth by providing creative opportunities for learning that will fortify core values through play, build strong moral character through challenges, and strengthen individual stewardship through choice. Parents lead LIFE Academy by example as they mentor others and continue life-long educational pursuits that bring positive changes individually, in families, and in communities.

Educational Philosophy:

The educational plan for LIFE Academy will apply the principles found in A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille.


Our classes are built around the 3 phases of learning:  

  • Core Phase

  • Love of Learning Phase

  • Scholar Phase (Practice, Transition, Apprentice, Self-Directed, & Mentored)

Location & Meeting Times

Location: Contact for address


When: Wednesdays 9:15 am-3:30pm

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