Scholar Program

The Scholar Program is for kids 12 years old or older who are prepared through Core and Love of Learning phases to engage in more focused study.  It begins with about 2+ hours of study a day as a Practice Scholar engaging in one of our Practice Scholar Projects.  As the student's ability to focus and submit to difficult tasks grows, so does their iniative to study more hours.  With guidance from their parents and scholar mentors, the youth discover more about themselves, their abilities, and interests.  Through reading, writing, discussions and personal projects, students begin to understand the contributions they want to make to their families and communities.


The spine of our Scholar Program consists of year-long project classes designed by Leadership Education Mentoring Institute (LEMI) to help youth move through the scholar phase.  All mentors offering these projects go through a special training by LEMI.  Other specifically targeted classes for our scholars are approved through the Board to ensure quality and adherence to the Thomas Jefferson Education philosophy.


Scholar Projects to be offered will be decided upon each year to meet the needs of the membership.  

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(PRACTICE Scholar CLASS) ages 12-13

For the 2021-22 School Year, we are pleased to announce the opportunity for our older Practice Scholars to experience a course of historical importance. They will study the Founding of America and gain an in-depth experience with the Constitution. The course covers the American Revolutionary War time period, the Constitution and other founding documents. The students will be inspired to memorize the Declaration of Independence, participate in book discussions, give a presentation on a topic from the colonial time period, complete writing assignments. The culminating event at the end of the year will be to participate in a Constitution Bowl to test their knowledge gained during the project.

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(PRACTICE Scholar) AGES 12+

Scholars study the works of the master of human nature. The engaging experience brings his works to life.  Studying one play in depth during first semester, reading a scene or two weekly and then having a mentored discussion to apply the content to their lives help them see that the plays are relevant to the things they struggle with like jealousy, friendships, and…yes…love.

They learn about the Bard and all about Elizabethan times so that the plays make more sense.

Once they understand the Renaissance mindset about our personalities, comments like someone being phlegmatic don’t go over their heads.

The students are inspired to read, watch, or listen to 17 Shakespeare plays by being part of a race to be crowned a King or a Queen. They are ceremoniously rewarded. This marathon experience allows them to become relatively fluent in the “foreign” language of our mother tongue.

Second semester they participate in a twelve-week acting course, and audition and perform a play so that the meanings and nuances can really be understood.

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Teaches how to think, not what to think. Scholars will be connecting math and science to the world around them and helping them to see the relevance so they have a reason to study it. Developing the habit to log one’s study is emphasized as they learn to emulate Nathaniel Bowditch and his amazing self-education depicted in Carry on, Mr. Bowditch. An alternative to the scientific method, called Making Connections, is also taught while they learn how great scientists of all times learned to wonder, see patterns, and ask the right question. Throughout this course, scholars grow in their ability to think logically and to measure things they encounter in the world against their core book (which may be scriptures or any other book that the student and his or her family uses as a foundation of truth). They are taught many skills, such as how to find equations as they read the text!  Many students find the scientific experiments so enjoyable that they thirst for more.

A few of the vital principles taught are:

  • looking deeply at assumptions and challenging them when necessary

  • seeking truth amidst a world of full of opposing voices

  • understanding philosophy and propaganda

  • learning to step back and think before acting

APPRENTICE Scholar (AGEs 16+)

This class will focus on understanding prominent world religions and the principles that can be found within them, and what the history and implications  of them are. The scholars will study forms and systems, uncover their voice, and practice written and oral persuasion.