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Scholar Program

The Scholar Program is for kids 12 years old or older who are prepared through Core and Love of Learning phases to engage in more focused study.  It begins with about 2+ hours of study a day as a Practice Scholar engaging in one of our Practice Scholar Projects.  As the student's ability to focus and submit to difficult tasks grows, so does their iniative to study more hours.  With guidance from their parents and scholar mentors, the youth discover more about themselves, their abilities, and interests.  Through reading, writing, discussions and personal projects, students begin to understand the contributions they want to make to their families and communities.


The spine of our Scholar Program consists of year-long project classes designed by Leadership Education Mentoring Institute (LEMI) to help youth move through the scholar phase.  All mentors offering these projects go through a special training by LEMI.  Other specifically targeted classes for our scholars are approved through the Board to ensure quality and adherence to the Thomas Jefferson Education philosophy.


Scholar Projects to be offered will be decided upon each year to meet the needs of the membership.  

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(PRACTICE Scholar CLASS) ages 12-13

For the 2021-22 School Year, we are pleased to announce the opportunity for our older Practice Scholars to experience a course of historical importance. They will study the Founding of America and gain an in-depth experience with the Constitution. The course covers the American Revolutionary War time period, the Constitution and other founding documents. The students will be inspired to memorize the Declaration of Independence, participate in book discussions, give a presentation on a topic from the colonial time period, complete writing assignments. The culminating event at the end of the year will be to participate in a Constitution Bowl to test their knowledge gained during the project.

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This class consists of unit studies on physical science, geology, cell biology, animal taxonomy, and chemistry, with monthly skill development leading to a year-end backpacking experience. Those scholars who have completed one level of practice scholar classes such as KOL will benefit from this continued practice scholar phase class.

                  TUTTLE TWINS
Practice Scholar (AGEs 12-13)

This class will be best suited for practice scholars who are in Hero Quest or Key of Liberty. It is an exploration of financial self-reliance skills through a class economy system, books and discussion. The second semester consists of unit studies of principles of economic and personal freedom through the Tuttle Twins book series. It is recommended that each family purchase the complete set as the books chosen for projects will vary.

Practice Scholar (AGES 12-14)

Based on Virgil’s poems, these scholars will learn how the principles of Providence, Mission, Self-Validation, Ownership, Community Stewardship, Local Interdependence, and Entrepreneurialism are the foundation of living a “Georgic” life. They will also learn about the results that come from living those principles: Work and Joy, Self-Reliance, Seeing the Whole Picture, Forgiveness & Perseverance, Community Interdependence, Gratitude & Hope, and Faith. The scholars will learn these principles and results by engaging in two projects throughout the year. The first is a personal Georgics project that they will choose and work to grow or raise something. The second is a market project where they will create something to sell at market. The scholars do not realize that the greatest growth is within themselves.

APPRENTICE Scholar (AGEs 15-16)

This class is best suited to those who have completed Pyramid Project. It will build an understanding of natural laws, principles, virtues, and the four loves that are necessary to strengthen the intellectual, social, and spiritual foundations.

self-directed Scholar (AGES 17+)

Edison Scholars commit to forty-hours a week as they gain the vision, abilities, and skills to develop their own projects and a system of accountability and deadlines to complete them. These scholars work with an individual coach to help them study the liberal arts and increase their scholarship as they enter the great conversation. The project also gives the scholars opportunities to coach one another, and provides a forum to discuss and develop the six creative powers: Task Power, Personal Power, Knowledge Power, Relationship Power, Materials Power, and Authority Power. In the forum, there is groom for the discussion of great ideas, problem solving of roadblocks, and opportunities for scholars to share and perform. All of this occurs with peer support and encouragement as the scholars develop and complete projects. 

algebra 1
APPRENTICE & Self-directed Scholars (AGEs 15+)

This is a mentor led class for apprentice scholars or practice scholars who have taken Georgics already. A practice test will be given to determine the level of class instructions. Families may need to purchase the curriculum that the mentor selects.

foreign language
(Russian, Japanese, OR German)
TUTTLE/APPRENTICE/Self-directed Scholars (12+)

An introduction to the culture and language. Will be used in conjunction with home study through either Duo-Lingo or Rosetta Stone or other language learning applications. 

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