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Scholar Program

The Scholar Program is for kids 12 years old or older who are prepared through Core and Love of Learning phases to engage in more focused study.  It begins with about 2+ hours of study a day as a Practice Scholar engaging in one of our Practice Scholar Projects.  As the student's ability to focus and submit to difficult tasks grows, so does their iniative to study more hours.  With guidance from their parents and scholar mentors, the youth discover more about themselves, their abilities, and interests.  Through reading, writing, discussions and personal projects, students begin to understand the contributions they want to make to their families and communities.


The spine of our Scholar Program consists of year-long project classes with a specific VMASK: vision, mission, abilities, skills, and knowledge the scholars work to gain. Some are designed by Leadership Education Mentoring Institute (LEMI). Others are designed by inspired mentors. All projects have the purpose to help the youth move through the scholar phases. All mentors offering LEMI projects go through a special training by LEMI.  Other specifically targeted classes for our scholars are approved through the Board to ensure quality and adherence to the Thomas Jefferson Education philosophy and phase appropriate VMASK standards.


Scholar Projects to be offered will be decided upon each year to meet the needs of the membership.  

Sword of Freedom & Hero Project 
PRACTICE Scholar (ages 12+)

A few of the vital principles taught are: purpose of government; world crisis and personal and family choices; leadership; war, pestilence, betrayal, statesmanship,
hardship; how to survive during difficult times; public virtue; and true heroes.
These two studies in the Civil War and World War II will give your scholar an understanding of the complexity of the times as the US was drawn into a war and an astounding number of conflicts and crises. But, even more importantly, they will find the hero within themselves and invaluable lessons they can apply in our day and time.

quest 1 & 2
apprentice Scholar (AGEs 14+)

QUEST stands for Qualities, Universal, Enduring, Self-Evident, and Timeless. This is the scholars standards as they study principles of freedom and traits of a statesman. This project is an in-depth and personalized study of leadership (among other things!). Scholars come face-to-face with six great leaders and their landmark speeches. They read about, write about, and discuss the circumstances that led them to greatness. Second semester they learn to find their own leaders among history and current times who exemplify the traits that great leaders exemplify—Virtue, Wisdom, Courage, Diplomacy, Inspiring Greatness in Others and Moving the Cause of Liberty. They write persuasive essays and do presentations on the lives of those leaders who resonated with them personally. The scholars also work on these essential traits as they come to see themselves and each other as people who can and will influence the world for good.

Masters in Freedom
APPRENTICE Scholar (Ages 17+)

This is an in-depth, estimated forty hours a week, study of the principles of freedom. The first semester studies the works of Locke, Blackstone, Plutarch, Hume, Demille, Woodward, and Brady. Second semester turns to the studies of Basiat, Skousen, Stewart, Toquerville, and Harris as they learn to write and argue briefs in a Supreme Court Mock Trial, which will be their culminating event. 

Shakespeare Conquest
(ELEctive) AGES 12+

Scholars study the master of human nature in a most engaging experience so his works come to life.  Studying one play in depth during first semester, reading a scene or two weekly and then having a mentored discussion to apply the content to their lives–to help them see that the plays are relevant to the things they struggle with like jealousy, friendships, and…yes…love. They learn about the Bard and all about Elizabethan times so that the plays make more sense.

The students are inspired to read, watch, or listen to 17 or more Shakespeare plays by being part of a race to be crowned a King or a Queen. They are ceremoniously rewarded with much high language being uttered and uproarious applause. This marathon experience allows them to become relatively fluent in the “foreign” language of our mother tongue. At the same time they are engaged in The Queens Challenge which is where the learning comes in.

Second semester they perform one of Shakespeare's comedies, so that the meanings and nuances can really be understood. In the end, they learn they can do hard things and have a blast doing it.

History of Science & Engineering
(elective) ages 12+

In this course the scholars will learn about the history of science the first semester. During this time they will study great scientists, inventors, and engineers. There will even be a unit on chemistry. Second semester will dive into a hands-on engineering experience. They will embark on Mark Rober projects and the year will culminate in a LEGO Robotics competition.

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