Scholar Program

The Scholar Program is for kids 12 years old or older who are prepared through Core and Love of Learning phases to engage in more focused study.  It begins with about 2+ hours of study a day as a Practice Scholar engaging in one of our Practice Scholar Projects.  As the student's ability to focus and submit to difficult tasks grows, so does their iniative to study more hours.  With guidance from their parents and scholar mentors, the youth discover more about themselves, their abilities, and interests.  Through reading, writing, discussions and personal projects, students begin to understand the contributions they want to make to their families and communities.


The spine of our Scholar Program consists of year-long project classes designed by Leadership Education Mentoring Institute (LEMI) to help youth move through the scholar phase.  All mentors offering these projects go through a special training by LEMI.  Other specifically targeted classes for our scholars are approved through the Board to ensure quality and adherence to the Thomas Jefferson Education philosophy.


Scholar Projects to be offered will be decided upon each year to meet the needs of the membership.  

(PRACTICE Scholar CLASS) ages 12-13

For the 2020-21 School Year, we are pleased to announce the opportunity for our older Love of Learners to experience a transition class of historical importance:


First Semester, we will experience the Civil War at a whole new level as we take sides in the battle that pitted brother against brother. Are you for The North or The South? Experience a new birth of freedom through this project and the study of the men and women of the time. 

Second Semester is designed to empower our current Hero Generation to form a link to the Hero Generation of World War II. Through getting to know these amazing men and women who won the War, they will learn what qualities Heroes have. They will see what is required of a Hero Generation, and gain a desire to emulate those individuals they study. Students will be mentored by both the living and the dead by hearing their stories, being invited behind the scenes, and coming to understand that each and every person has a unique mission to perform in this life. Eisenhower didn't win the War. Churchill didn't win the War. The man swabbing the deck did. The man who built the plane did. The women who put together the code breaking machines did. They all had their part in the ultimate victory, and it wouldn't have happened without each and every one of them working together toward a common goal.  

personal finance.jpg
Practice Scholar

This class will focus on aspects of personal finance including: what it takes to be a wise & faithful steward, creating a budget & sticking to it, how to be protected from hardship, understanding debt, managing in a financial crisis, investing, and blessing others. Economics will also be covered. More information on this class will be provided soon. 

(APPRENTICE Scholar) Pre-Req: 2yrs Shakespeare

This project is an apprentice scholar class for advanced Shakespeare students.
In this project we study plays from different time periods giving the scholars an understanding of the history of drama.

 We also study some of the elements of the heightened language of Shakespeare going deeper than we did in Shakespeare Conquest. Acting is taken to the next level.

 The scholars participate in a big service project where they share their acting and love of Shakespeare with others in the community as well as taking leadership roles in several productions including a process drama, the Shakespeare play service project and a movie project.


This class will focus on understanding prominent philosophies, the principles that can be found within them, and what the history and implications are. There will also be a study of people who espoused and opposed these views. 

Apprentice Scholar

This project will gradually move students from practice to apprentice phase.

Thomas Jefferson said “Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. They are the most vigorous, the most independent, the most virtuous, and they are tied to their country and wedded to its liberty and interests by the most lasting bands.”

He also said that “Agriculture . . . is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness.”

Jefferson understood the connection of working the land and freedom. This connection is defined as being “Georgic.” In this class, we will study why this is and apply the principles with Georgic Projects.

This class will look different than a traditional class. We will spend some time in the classroom, but we will also spend time visiting Georgic Projects that are in the community.

George W. Bush  said that “A nation that can feed its people is a nation more secure.”  If the food trucks are unable to come to your area, what would you do? How well would you live? These are topics that we will discuss in class.

Each scholar will have at least one Living Miracle Project and a Market Project they choose for themselves.

Before taking the class, parents need to be aware and willing to support their scholar with their projects. Especially at the beginning of the semester when the learning curve may be high.  This may include installing watering lines for a garden, building garden boxes, helping with timers, etc. It is greatly encouraged to use timers and drip systems etc.  to keep the projects as self-manageable as possible.

We will read books monthly (list coming soon), write mini papers weekly, journal regularly, and give presentations. Scholars can expect 7-10 hours of outside work (including project work.)

Phase: 14+ Practice Scholar (Part I), Apprentice Scholar (Part II) 
This class is specifically designed for students in practice scholar phase who are ready to transition into apprentice scholar.